Are Your AED’s and Safety Equipment Rescue Ready?

All-In-One Approach to AED Management

AED Management Program

More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital each year. 

Is your place of business properly equipped to aid an employee or customer in the event of a cardiac emergency? 

Routine AED maintenance is crucial to make sure your equipment is state-compliant and emergency-ready. With Heart to Beat’s AED Management program, one of our experienced technicians will provide comprehensive service regarding your AED installation and upkeep.

AED Management Programs include:

  • Selection and installation of new AEDs 
  • Daily monitoring of your AED in our Heart to Beat Portal to ensure all components are current and compliant 
  • Replacement of necessary components 30-45 days before the expiration 
  • Routine servicing
  • AED consultations 
  • 24/7 emergency hotline for AED theft, malfunctions, or post-deployment service 
    • Performance of any additional AED maintenance needed to resolve these issues free of charge

AED Inspection

When was the last time you checked your AED? It’s crucial to inspect your AED regularly to ensure your device is rescue ready. During inspection you could find a number of things that would lead to your AED needing to be serviced or replaced. 

  • Tampering 
  • Stolen
  • Deployed 
  • Missing Components
  • Expired

Our Clients

Caves Valley Country Club
Services Provided:
Completed a site-wide AED implementation
AED/CPR/Safety Training for their team

"Heart to Beat provided my staff with a concise yet thorough training in AED and First Aid. They trained on site with the most up-to-date information we need to manage a crisis with confidence. Scott and Heart to Beat continue to be a part of our team with the AED monitoring program and friendly check-ins."
-Robert Taylor, Jr.
Assistant General Manager
Caves Valley Golf Club
Under Armour
Services Provided:
Training US Wide - everything but active shooter
First Aid Cabinets across US
AED Service
"Heart to Beat provided excellent programs and instruction recently at Under Armour Global Headquarters. They have a unique and much appreciated business model that relies on quality instructors with practical experience. This is rare to find outside of the public safety arena. We are looking forward to having Scott and his team help us continue to be a safe place to work!"
Kyrle W. Preis III
Global Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Under Armour
Rowen Concrete
Services Provided:
Completed a site-wide AED implementation
AED/CPR/Safety Training for their team
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