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Defibrillator’s (AED’s)

So, you’re CPR/AED trained and certified? Awesome! If you’re lucky, you will do nothing more than walk past your defibrillator (AED) cabinet each day...month after month...and assume it’s ready. But, the fact is that, just like a lawnmower, these need to be maintained. Who checks it? Monthly inspections and maintenance must be kept up. All of your training is useless if the AED is not in working order and readily available. Consider the tragedy in discovering that there is no working lifesaving AED available...

Heart To Beat takes great pride in ensuring that lifesaving training is delivered and ,furthermore, that lifesaving AED’s are readily available and in compliance with State and ADA regulations.

We help businesses, swim clubs, community centers, churches and those with fleets of vehicles to choose an appropriate unit and equipment to fit their budget, then provide everything needed to meet State Compliance, assist with state registration and complete cabinet wall mounting in compliance with ADA requirements. Our team will manage your entire AED program, from its inception forward. We monitor electrodes, batteries and all AED parts to ensure that they are ready for use at all times. We believe that your business, church or swim club should focus and excel in its industry without the nagging and distracting doubt of wondering if your equipment is up to date. Heart To Beat’s team of experienced instructors, technicians and on staff Medical Director oversight allows for a flawless and stress-free program. Pair a state compliant defibrillator with our hands-on training and you will truly be prepared to save a life!

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