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Hindsight is 20-20. Preparation and confidence are immeasurably better. Don’t learn the hard way how practical and valuable certification is....

After you call 911, do you really know what to do?

Are you really confident to be the one to step forward and bridge those moments between the phone call and EMS arrival?

Can you really afford to count on someone else?

Your preparedness and confidence can make the difference between life and death. Sure, an ambulance will bring professional emergency assistance but what about until they get there? Your office, your warehouse, your school room, your store, your restaurant, your home – all can become a vital first advantage for a co-worker, family member or client - if you have been professionally trained in CPR, the very type Heart To Beat LLC delivers.

And we deliver at your convenience. You pick the time of day most in keeping with your needs and we come to you with everything you will need to obtain certification and confidence. Contact Heart To Beat LLC today. Waiting could be a fatal mistake.

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