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Emergency Preparedness Training

Sadly, in our world today, violence has become all too common. Yet, for all of its prevalence and subsequent publicity, few organizations ready themselves to face this threat. Schools, warehouses, business offices, swim clubs, places of worship and community centers all share one thing in common: vulnerability to intrusion and violence. Tragically, some merely react to the sudden threat with little or no preparedness, relying on last minute recourses at a time when the rush of fear and emotion cloud clear thinking…

Others prepare.

With nearly 30 years in law enforcement, crime prevention, tactical police fieeld and management experience, our team is able to provide such preparedness, bringing realistic instruction and simulation to your place of worship, school, business office or warehouse, in a logical and efficient manner and, most importantly, before it is needed.

Crime Prevention Training

Upon successful completion, each participant will be able to:

  • Develop a safety plan, unique for each business that reduces the probability of being selected as a target.
  • Identify effective ways to secure attention and help when accosted.
  • Identify locations and situations that put safety at risk.
  • Identify the one location that participants should never go under any circumstance as well as actions to take to avoid that location.

The CPT program will equip participants with an understanding of how to plan in advance, how to efficiently solicit expedited assistance, how to protect oneself as well as others while awaiting and how to avoid falling victim to one’s own fear and emotions. These programs can be tailored to all audiences from high school students to corporate business offices to senior citizen groups.

(1-2 Hours)

Active Shooter Training

Upon successful completion, each participant will be able to:

  • Identify signs of potential violence in advance of a tragedy.
  • Identify and implement effective responses when an active shooter is in the vicinity.
  • Identify how to respond and coordinate when law enforcement arrives on the scene.
  • Practice simulation scenarios, including realistic training, involving active shooters in your location in order to minimize panic and confusion.

(2 Hours)

Professional Instruction Experience/Qualifications:

  • 25 + years retired Maryland area police.
    • Shift Commander
    • Tactical Supervisor
    • Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor
    • Field Training Officer
  • Certiffied Firearms Instructor & Defensive Tactics Instructor.
  • Certiffied ALICE Program Instructor
  • Military Police Officer