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Heart To Beat LLC is a Safety Training and Consulting Company offering a wide range of interactive training courses including CPR/AED, First Aid, Stop the Bleed, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Active Shooter training. Our team offers certifications from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute and much more.

  • "Heart to Beat is awesome! I hired them a few months ago to come to Under Armour Performance Center to recertify a number of my team who were close to expiring their CPR/AED certification. Scott came out to run the class and was great! He is very knowledgeable and you can tell his experience in this field is unparalleled! He has helped update our AED we have on site and make sure we are up to code. He simplified the process more than I could have asked for. Big thank you to Heart to Beat! I will be using them again, that is for sure…"

    -Jake G. Manager, Under Armour Performance Centers
  • "My husband suffered a cardiac arrest and was saved by volunteers doing CPR and using an AED machine. Needless to say, I was eager to be trained as well after living through that harrowing experience. When Scott and his team offered a CPR training at our neighborhood pool, over 30 folks participated. Heart to Beat ran an excellent program. By the end of the night, all of us, from retired folks to teenagers, felt confident in our ability to use the AED machine and to perform CPR. It was an invaluable experience. The instructors are serious and knowledgeable, while at the same time very approachable. I cannot more highly recommend Heart to Beat."

    -Carol H.

  • “Heart to Beat has been such an incredible company to work with. My organization has over 10 buildings in Mount Vernon, and Scott was able to make sure each building was well equipped with AED units and he provided a great CPR and AED training to a big group of employees. To top it all off, the team at Heart to Beat is going to keep an eye on each of our units and will reach out to me directly when it’s time update/replace any equipment. One less thing I need to worry about!
    We look forward to working with Heart to Beat more in the future!""

    -Daisy, The Agora Companies

  • “Scott and his staff were amazing. They not only taught the faculty and staff at RPCS the skills of CPR/AED, but also they were able to explain every step they were teaching and why every step was important. I felt that everyone left training feeling confident that they could provide lifesaving skills in an emergency, and they knew the reasons behind the actions they would need to take. The hands-on practice time provided was invaluable. Thank you, Heart to Beat, for a great experience!”

    -Angela P., Athletic Trainer, Roland Park Country School

  • “I was really impressed with Heart to Beat. They were on time, organized, attentive, clear, and provided a comprehensive, hands-on program for all our employees. Scott was incredibly knowledgeable and a natural teacher. He simplified without losing sight of important details. He provided anecdotes and personal stories that helped contextualize life-saving information. The hands on experience helped commit processes to memory. I feel much more confident knowing that the faculty and staff at Roland Park Country School are trained by Heart to Beat. I especially appreciated that their work focused not just on adults, but infants and children as well.”

    -Caroline B., Head of School, Roland Park Country School

  • “The dedication, and sincere passion to educate the clients of Heart To Beat LLC in the life saving techniques of CPR/AED/First-Aid pales in comparison to any other firm I have ever received training from!! Scott Kuhlman, and his team of professionals at Heart To Beat LLC exemplify how these critical procedures should be taught!”

    -Jay Stephan, Corporate Safety Manager, Fidelity Engineering