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Legal Disclaimer

Use of any information from this site is purely at your own risk. CPR and Lifesaving skills are complex and always evolving, therefore all information contained in this website is subject to revision and further explanation. The information supplied is designed to be informative at a basic level. Heart To Beat LLC disclaims any liability for losses you incur as a result of inaccuracy of the information provided on this website. Information on this site is not intended to serve as medical and/or professional advice and is not meant to replace formal training and certification.

In compliance with American Disability Act, reasonable accommodations will be made for participants with disabilities provided that the participant can accomplish all knowledge and skill objectives of the curriculum for the course. Heart to Beat LLC follows all American Red Cross Red Cross, American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute guidelines for certification of a person with disabilities, so please inquire as to how these guidelines may alter the course. The participant must request the accommodation in writing at the time of registration or at the time the participant learns that they will need the accommodation.  Please be advised that Heart to Beat LLC does not own the facilities where the classes are taught, so any reasonable accommodation request to alter the class location and/or building structure cannot be accommodated unless authorized by the appropriate landlord/owner, however, we will arrange for an alternative class location so you may still participate.  Please be advised that this may require that the date, time and place of your class be altered.