What’s the Best Spot for an AED?

If you’ve purchased an AED and AED training for your business, you’ve taken a great step toward making your workplace a safer place for everyone who enters! AEDs are only useful in emergencies if you can find them, however. As such, choosing the right location for your AED is imperative. Follow these tips to ensure first responders can easily locate your AED when every second counts.

High Visibility Areas Only

Occasionally we encounter individuals who previously stored their AED out of sight in a drawer or storage closet simply to keep the device safe until an emergency situation arises. We cannot recommend this method at all because it leaves you as one of, if not the only person who has direct access to the lifesaving device. Instead, an AED should be placed where any adult can easily locate and identify it with clearly denoted signage.

Easily Accessible Areas Only

When choosing the perfect spot for your AED, you should also be sure to only consider areas that are highly accessible to both customers and employees. Near elevators, cafeterias and customer service desks are all great ideas because they are easily accessible to everyone.  Moreover, these locations are easy to communicate with concision and clarity even in high stress moments. Your cabinet should also be no more than 48 inches off the ground, allowing those of shorter stature and wheelchair users to access it with ease.

Do You Have Enough AEDs?

Depending on the size of your location, it may be best to purchase multiple AEDs. While the AED by your receptionist desk is mounted in the perfect place to administer care to everyone on the first floor, the situation might be a lot different if someone a few floors up needs urgent care. Keep in mind that for every minute that defibrillation is delayed, the chance for survival decreases by about 10 percent. Ultimately, if you can’t respond within 3 minutes from any given location in your space, you should heavily consider installing more AEDs to fully cover the premises.

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