Safety services you can’t live without…

A Safety Training, Equipment Management, and Consulting Company offering a wide range of interactive training courses, customized safety consulting, and lifesaving equipment to meet the needs of your organization.

Our Comprehensive Safety Programs

Heart to Beat offers comprehensive safety programs to protect you and your employees from the risks and emergencies in both your professional and personal lives. By combining Safety Training, Safety Consulting and Equipment Management into one customized program, we cover all your bases, ensuring you are never left unprepared or under equipped.

Safety Training & Consulting

Interactive, on-site, and remote training options to help prepare your organization when seconds seem like hours.  Course offerings from Active Shooter to CPR/AED and Bleeding Control to First Aid.

Safety Equipment Implementation & Management

In order to make use of your safe training, you must have equipment.  Allowing the experts to implement and maintain your safety equipment ensures compliance and ready status.

Are you an individual ready to attend a safety training class?

Hindsight is 20-20. Preparation and confidence are immeasurably better.