Why Heart To Beat?

  • Safety Experts

    Heart To Beat employs industry experts. Our team has 375 combined years experience in their respective safety fields. Our approach to training is experiential; training is conducted in a 1:1 student to equipment ratio to create muscle memory and a full understanding of lifesaving processes. Heart To Beat also employs a medical director—a practicing physician in emergency medicine—who oversees our AED program.
  • Continuity

    Heart To Beat has a cloud-based equipment management system designed to streamline safety services. Our portal conveniently houses compliance documents, records, and data in one place and is accessible at any time. Our management system is ideal for businesses with a single location or locations nationwide. No matter the size, we offer world class training and can ensure continuity across your organization.
  • Custom Safety Solutions

    Heart To Beat provides a customized safety solution that encompasses all aspects of your organization, from safety equipment and local compliance to training tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Heart To Beat will train your organization on your equipment to ensure readiness in an emergency, can accommodate different levels of training within your organization, and offers flexible scheduling at times that will not disrupt operations.
  • Superior Customer Service

    Heart To Beat prides itself on offering exemplary customer service to all clients. In our AED and First Aid cabinet management program, we offer a dedicated point of content for service, quick response for deployments, and will provide loaner AEDs if needed without assessing a fee. Heart To Beat understands that safety can be a stressful and sensitive subject and our approach considers there can be reactions to the necessary content. We take pride in instilling confidence and camaraderie through quality instruction of lifesaving training.