Can Anyone Use a Stop the Bleed Kit?

You may have seen Stop the Bleed Kits stored with first-aid kits or other safety equipment across your travels. Who is actually authorized to use them when an emergency situation arises? As it happens, anyone can use a Stop the Bleed Kit. Even still, you should seek out the right training to ensure you’re ready to effectively use the kit when every second counts.

Do I Need to Be Certified?

Again, no training is required to use a Stop the Bleed Kit. The kits are even stocked with instructions if you are unsure how to proceed at first. Of course, reading directions means you are missing out on time in which you could be administering care. That’s why we always recommend Stop the Bleed Training to our clients. The best time to figure out how to effectively use a tourniquet is in a calm, controlled environment with the supervision and guidance of a professional, not when someone is bleeding out in front of you in real time.

What About Liability?

Let’s assume you haven’t taken your Stop the Bleed course yet and you stumble upon someone who needs care. In this case we recommend stepping in and doing your absolute best to keep them safe until help arrives. That process will go like this:

  1. Confirm that the surrounding area is safe from any remaining threats.
  2. Call 911.
  3. Find the source of bleeding.
  4. Remove clothing from the wounded area.
  5. Apply compression.

Maryland, like most states, has a law in place called the Good Samaritan Law that specifically protects bystanders doing their part to help save a life when every second counts.

If you witness an emergency unfolding and have the means to help, we fully encourage you to do so. As long as you are operating in good faith and in a reasonably prudent manner, you will be immune from any prosecution. The only instance that the Good Samaritan Law will not cover you is if the act or omission represents gross negligence, which is something that no reasonable person with good intentions should have to worry about.

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