Why is CPR and AED Training Crucial in the Workplace?

We can’t exactly plan when health emergencies will occur. However, we can equip ourselves to react confidently and decisively when they do occur. Have you provided CPR and AED training for your team? If not, here are three reasons why it is critical to do so.  

Genuinely Saves Lives

When businesses choose to undergo CPR and AED training, its more than simply checking a box on a list of safety requirements. This training genuinely saves lives. Immediate CPR and defibrillation can boost cardiac arrest survival rates by over 50%. When we consider that over 350,000 Americans suffer from cardiac arrest every year, it really puts into perspective how fundamentally important such training is to every individual.

Useful Inside and Outside of the Workplace

When you provide safety training for your team, you’re empowering them to intervene and potentially save lives both inside and outside of the workplace. Not all emergencies occur at work! We have seen first-hand how the training we provide can genuinely save lives in any setting. Check out one of our most incredible stories yet for a glimpse of your own! CPR/ AED training is an investment in your employees, and odds are they’ll appreciate you for making that investment!

Lessons Learned

If you haven’t had CPR or AED training just yet, how do you plan to react if an emergency situation arises where a victim could potentially be saved by such care? Most people simply call 911 and hope for the best. That is an incredibly scary situation to be in. The feeling of helplessness when someone you care about, or even a stranger, is suffering and you can’t do anything to help them, can truly be terrifying. Even if they make it to the hospital in time without CPR care, their recovery time will likely be more complicated than it could’ve been with earlier care. CPR and AED training empowers bystanders to calmly and confidently intervene during such emergencies. As a result, your entire workplace won’t have to worry about being thrusted into an emergency situation down the road. They’ll already have the safety training they can’t live without.

Expert CPR and AED Training from Heart to Beat

Heart To Beat offers comprehensive safety programs to protect you and your employees from the risks and emergencies in both your professional and personal lives. If you’re interested in discovering our team can help you, contact us today at info@hearttobeatllc.com!

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