When Should I Upgrade My AED?

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Most of us are generally quite adept at keeping up with the latest technology trends. After all, products like smart phones and computers are in front of us for several hours a day. It only makes sense that we stay up to date with products that help us navigate through our day-to-day lives. On the other hand, many business owners neglect to upgrade their AEDs for years at a time. We understand why this is the case! Your AED is most likely primarily in your peripheral vision (although not out of sight altogether!) and only used in rare emergency instances. That doesn’t mean we can just forget about these potentially live saving devices, however. Here are some tips on upgrading your AED, and the benefits of doing so.

When Should I Upgrade My AED?

There isn’t an exact all-encompassing duration that every AED is supposed to last. However, The Department of the Army Technical Bulletin lists life expectancy of a defibrillator at

eight years. Many businesses choose to simply upgrade their AED at the end of its warranty period. This way, if any repairs are needed, they will be covered under the new warranty. If it has been 5+ years since your last AED upgrade, there are a host of newer features that you and anyone operating the AED will be able to benefit from.

Benefits of Replacing an Older AED

Better Reliability

Battery technology has improved a lot over the last decade alone, and those advancements are present in modern AED batteries as well. This increases the reliability of these devices and ensures they will be ready when needed the most.

Easier to Operate

If you have an older AED, there is a chance that it isn’t fully automatic. Modern AEDs use pre-connected electrode pads and can administer a fully automatic shock delivery.

Visual Cues

All AEDs come with instructions, but newer models often offer visual prompts on small screens to make it easier to remember each step along the way during tense emergency situations.

Better Size

Each generation of AEDs seems to be getting more and more compact and lightweight. This makes them much easier to store and maneuver in the heat of the moment.

Replaceable Part Availability

All popular AED companies offer replacement pads and batteries. However, if your older AED has reached the end of its lifespan, there is a good chance that you’ll have a lot of trouble finding the replacement parts you need to restore it to working order. With newer models, you can simply call Heart to Beat, and we’ll head right over to help out with the service you need!

Upgrade Your AED and Supplement it with Training and Service from Heart to Beat!

Heart to Beat offers comprehensive safety programs to protect you and your employees from the risks and emergencies in both your professional and personal lives. If you’re interested in discovering our team can help you, contact us today at info@hearttobeatllc.com!

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