Why Should I Have My AED Serviced?

Why You Need AED Management

Equipping the workplace with an automatic external defibrillator and pairing it with potentially lifesaving training is a great way to boost the overall safety of any business. Once your AED is installed, you shouldn’t just forget about it until emergency strikes, however. Why should you have your AED serviced?

Common Reasons for Having Your AED Serviced

If your defibrillator has started to display new light indicators or even beep periodically, it’s likely in need of service. There are several steps that may be required to restore it back to working order:

  • Replacing expired pads
  • Reconnecting pads
  • Low battery charge
  • Software update required
  • Mechanical malfunction

Naturally, the last thing you want is for the defibrillator to be unavailable when you need it the most because of one of the above issues. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to be the one responsible for making sure the device is ready to go day after day. Additionally, different states have different requirements like Medical Direction and local and state level registration. Luckily, all of that stress can be avoided with an AED management program.

AED Management from Heart to Beat

We start out by sending an AED technician to your location to make sure your current AED setup is both state and ADA compliant, and that the equipment is Rescue Ready. From there, our AED managers monitor our client’s components remotely each day to ensure everything is in working order. We also keep tabs on your replaceable equipment, allowing us to stop by to replace any parts expiring in the next 30-45 days.

We still encourage our AED management clients to perform monthly checks on their AEDs to ensure they are untampered with and ready for use. If something seems awry, we send a technician out the same day to inspect the situation. Assuming your AED was deployed, we’ll help you through all of the corresponding required paperwork. If we need to service the device, we’re fully stocked to provide our clients with loaner units in the meantime. The day after our visit, we’ll contact you to help with any follow-up questions and ensure all of your needs have been met!

Service Your AED with the Experts at Heart to Beat!

Heart to Beat offers comprehensive safety programs to protect you and your employees from the risks and emergencies in both your professional and personal lives. If you’re interested in discovering how our team can help you, contact us today at info@hearttobeatllc.com!

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