Who Should Take Safety Training Classes

First Aid Training Class

There is no way to plan for an accident, but there are ways to prepare for them. Being an individual who is thoroughly trained in first aid, CPR, and AED usage is one of them. While safety training is important for everyone, there are some professions and groups of people where this training is imperative.  […]

How To Safely Splash Into Summer

Summer’s eagerly awaited return is almost here. Warm weather and longer days present the perfect opportunity to enjoy favorite pastimes. However, there are a few activities that present a higher risk of injury. Our safety experts dive into how you and your loved ones can stay safe while having fun this summer, offering tips on:  […]

Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

Emergency preparedness can often be daunting, and many would prefer to think it’s something that isn’t necessary. However, taking the time to make sure your family and workplace are prepared to react in a crisis can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Here, the safety and emergency preparedness experts at Heart To Beat […]

Spring Cleaning: Make Safety a Standard in Your Home

Spring is a symbol of rebirth, and many will use this spring to clear their homes and garages of any unnecessary clutter. Whether you’re undertaking a major purge or just planning on tidying up, spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the current safety measures in your home and how you can improve on […]

Heart To Beat Acquires Bay Area CPR Continuing its Nationwide Expansion

First Aid and CPR instructor

The rapidly growing company, which offers safety training programs and equipment, is eyeing additional acquisitions as a strategy for continued growth. OWINGS MILLS, MD – April 4, 2022 – Heart To Beat LLC, a rapidly growing company that offers comprehensive safety training programs and equipment to protect employees from workplace emergencies, announced today that it […]

The Most Common At-Home Injuries

Home is where the heart is–and where injuries can occur! While many hope to create and maintain a safe and warm environment in their home, accidents and injuries in and around the house are common occurrences for most. Here, our team of safety experts breaks down the most common household injuries and how you can […]

Preparation Over Luck: How to Respond in an Emergency Situation

Emergency situations can be extremely overwhelming: you may have just witnessed a traumatic event, your adrenaline is probably pumping, people may be crying or yelling, and sirens could be blaring. All of this can be very disorienting and many people find themselves struggling to process their thoughts or react as they typically do when faced […]

Be Heart Smart: How to Identify a Heart Attack

AED Management Program for your office or company or facility

Heart attacks are one of the most common medical emergencies in the United States. In fact, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds in America. Because of how common cardiac arrest is, it’s important to understand the warning signs of a heart attack to better prepare yourself in case of an emergency. Physical Symptoms […]

Heart to Beat Opens Owings Mills Training Facility

First Aid Trainer Applying first aid technique

OWINGS MILLS, Md.– Heart to Beat is now offering lifesaving training classes to the general public at our new Owings Mills training facility. Courses are taught by current and former field practitioners and offer hands-on, realistic training that has been proven to save lives. “We’re excited to now have a professional, dedicated training facility,” said […]

Are You Prepared for a Cardiac Emergency?

Heart Attack Awareness for American Heart Month February is American Heart Month and we’re helping to raise awareness about cardiac arrest. Did you know that 70% of heart attacks occur outside of a hospital? That’s nearly 350,000 heart attacks every year!  It’s important to understand the warning signs of a heart attack, as it will […]