Why is CPR and AED Training Crucial in the Workplace?

We can’t exactly plan when health emergencies will occur. However, we can equip ourselves to react confidently and decisively when they do occur. Have you provided CPR and AED training for your team? If not, here are three reasons why it is critical to do so.  

All About AED Usage and Children

Purchasing an AED and supplementing it with the necessary training is a sure way to boost the overall safety of any workplace. But is your new AED safe to use on children, or even infants? The short answer to that question is yes, but there are a few things you’ll want to be aware of […]

Can Anyone Use a Stop the Bleed Kit?

You may have seen Stop the Bleed Kits stored with first-aid kits or other safety equipment across your travels. Who is actually authorized to use them when an emergency situation arises? As it happens, anyone can use a Stop the Bleed Kit. Even still, you should seek out the right training to ensure you’re ready […]

What’s the Best Spot for an AED?

Purchasing an AED and AED training is a great way to boost the overall safety of any business. Here are some tips for installing your new AED in the best spot!